Definition of flip one's lid (or wig) in English:

flip one's lid (or wig)


  • Suddenly lose control or become very angry.

    • ‘And I danced with her, and she'd flip her wig every night and then run under the table and under the piano and start crying and all.’
    • ‘He flipped his lid and told her to get a job because he won't be supporting her anymore.’
    • ‘At one point, Bicke flips his wig and begins screaming at the televised image of Nixon, ‘It's all about money, Dick!’’
    • ‘If you read Dirtbike Manifesto first, however, and discover The Couriers at a later date, you'll probably flip your wig.’
    • ‘You'll flip your wig on some of the Warden's thoughts on booze, over-priced guacamole and hot tubs.’
    • ‘The last thing Akira wanted was for Mitsuki to flip her wig over something stupid like a dream.’
    • ‘Are they afraid to admit that their only leader has flipped his wig?’
    • ‘This isn't the only reason why I think he's flipped his lid but it sure contributes to the overall impression.’
    • ‘The teacher would flip her wig, which would not be hard since her wig was so unrealistic.’
    • ‘Years later he discovers a footprint on the beach and totally flips his lid.’
    • ‘After a wager over his anger, Lucy must get Ricky to flip his lid, or lose the hat she just purchased.’
    • ‘The mother, half in denial, flips her lid and frantically tries to cover up the evidence of her son's alleged crime as the police move in.’