Definition of flip burgers in English:

flip burgers


North American
  • Work as a cook in a fast-food restaurant.

    • ‘And not all the new jobs being created are flipping burgers, Jones said.’
    • ‘Upon graduating from university, I took a job flipping burgers at a Canadian fast food chain called Lick's.’
    • ‘I mean, do you know how much more they get per hour than someone who flips burgers at Burger King?’
    • ‘He's the guy flipping burgers at the grill who overhears something you say and makes an interesting remark that might be a compliment, and might be an insult - might be both.’
    • ‘I don't think anyone ever really thought about the independence of our country while they were flipping burgers or doing cannonballs into the pool or singing Jimmy Rosselli songs with their grandfather, drunk on his wine.’
    • ‘The press typically knows how to do its job about as well as the 15-year-old-with-acne flipping burgers at McDonald's.’
    • ‘With little official oversight, growers simply turn away domestic workers, or offer wages so low that flipping burgers becomes more appealing.’
    • ‘For the sake of comparison, a person flipping burgers or working retail full-time for $7 per hour would make approximately $14,000 in a year.’
    • ‘Using his business experience, Cain worked his way up in the organization, even flipping burgers on the grill to better understand every aspect of the industry.’
    • ‘There's nothing wrong or demeaning in flipping burgers.’