Definition of flinders in English:


plural noun

  • Small fragments or splinters.

    ‘the panel has been smashed to flinders’
    • ‘Two shots in quick succession tore the wood into flinders that she kicked away.’
    • ‘His fists start to bleed from the flinders of wood on the door, but he is oblivious to his own pain.’
    • ‘Will one of these rogues try to chop me to flinders with his mighty halberd?’
    • ‘That whiny and disloyal Max the Dog is crushed along with the goods as they tumble down the slope and smash to flinders.’
    • ‘The vast majority of the time shadows were cast fantastically, from flinders of wood during their seconds-long existence after the wooden object they came from was broken, to the lump on a throat.’
    sliver, shiver, chip, shard, needle
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Late Middle English: probably of Scandinavian origin and related to Norwegian flindra ‘chip, splinter’.