Definition of flighty in English:



  • Fickle and irresponsible.

    ‘her mother was a flighty Southern belle’
    • ‘I do resent a Government Minister telling me I got into debt because I was flighty, frivolous and decadent.’
    • ‘Although inherently changeable and flighty, those with Gemini rising don't have their heads in the clouds.’
    • ‘He had a steady head on his shoulders and was different from the whimsical flighty young boys of his age.’
    • ‘The little gnome was scatterbrained and flighty, barely able to hold a conversation.’
    • ‘Nothing about life on a farm is skittish or flighty.’
    • ‘Having been to Royal Ascot in Berkshire last year, my verdict was that the northern meeting was less flamboyant and eccentric, but more flighty and fashionable.’
    • ‘This is because I'm flighty and align myself constantly with faddish moral causes.’
    • ‘This is how poor, flighty Lucy Westernra ought to float toward her demon lover - as if she were already severed from earthly ties.’
    • ‘She seemed so nervous and flighty, expecting something, frightened of something, anticipating something, excited by something.’
    • ‘She played vain, self-obsessed, flighty pieces in High Fidelity and America's Sweetheart, then turned utterly evil in Traffic.’
    • ‘The inclination is to be flighty and irresponsible.’
    • ‘There was a strange, inflamed, flurried, flighty recklessness of activity about him.’
    • ‘Frivolous, flighty, whining and manipulative, she is a woman hanging on to life by her fingernails.’
    • ‘Tortola had been a flighty, silly girl, no more dangerous than a flower.’
    • ‘Oh, apparently it's not my fault the writing here is bad - it's yours for being so flighty and fickle.’
    • ‘He appears to have been a flighty, absent-minded luvvy, given to changing his mind daily during rehearsals, much to his fellow actors' annoyance.’
    • ‘My dad, incidentally, is the same, though perhaps a little less flighty.’
    • ‘But like wild animals and flighty birds, our dreams are loath to be tamed.’
    • ‘And finally, what I really wanted to do hasn't happened at all: my mystery novel featuring the flighty Nettie Day.’
    • ‘Talk of the job banished all flighty thoughts of living in Oraulei from her mind.’
    fickle, erratic, changeable, inconstant, irresolute, mercurial, skittish, whimsical, capricious, volatile, unsteady, unstable, unbalanced, impulsive
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Mid 16th century: from flight + -y.