Definition of flight sergeant in English:

flight sergeant


  • A rank of non-commissioned officer in the RAF, above sergeant and below warrant officer.

    • ‘Mick was a flight sergeant and the remainder were all sergeants.’
    • ‘Performance Appraisal Reports for leading aircraftmen/women and corporals were due at DPA on September 1 and those for sergeants and flight sergeants are due no later than October 1.’
    • ‘Woff Mansell's next posting was to No.11 Squadron, Edinburgh, where he served for seven years and was promoted to flight sergeant in 1994.’
    • ‘Mr Murray, an RAF flight sergeant, said: ‘I knew the Army sometimes supported worthwhile community projects.’’
    • ‘Green, who previously lived here, served in the RAF as a flight sergeant mainly in the Western Desert campaign and spent most of the war operating his bombers from Alexandria and Cairo in Egypt.’
    • ‘When he left here he was a flight sergeant which is the top of the tree.’
    • ‘The man replied by telling him that he was the detachment commander whose budget the flight sergeant had been happily working his way through.’
    • ‘I cannot forget the tall, handsome flight sergeant who in 1944 swapped his dark-blue uniform for his whites and promptly hit the biggest six anybody at Lord's had seen, striking the ball on to the top of one of the pavilion's turrets.’
    • ‘Squadron leaders and flight sergeants who believe passionately about the Air Force are invited to join Vision teams that will make presentations at bases from late April for two to three weeks.’
    • ‘The other skills the flight sergeant spoke of would also be prime targets to save the RAAF some dollars and contract out.’


flight sergeant