Definition of flight feather in English:

flight feather


  • Any of the large primary or secondary feathers in a bird's wing, supporting it in flight.

    Also called remex
    • ‘Furthermore, no one has ever previously defined feathers as being only remiges and rectrices or flight feathers.’
    • ‘Even though there is a basic similarity with a flight feather, the peacock tail feather has an unusual barbule structure.’
    • ‘To calculate the flight-feather molt score of a molting bird, it is necessary to accurately estimate how long each flight feather will be when it is fully grown.’
    • ‘We also excluded all individuals that were molting flight feathers and birds recaptured less than 7 days after their first capture.’
    • ‘In addition, a small clipping was taken from a secondary flight feather for stable-hydrogen isotope analysis.’
    • ‘Dial also compared birds at the same day of development, seven days after hatching, but with different lengths of flight feather removed.’
    • ‘Large flocks of unsuccessful breeders and immature birds concentrate in shallow wetlands to molt flight feathers.’
    • ‘Each flight feather was examined to determine whether it was old, growing, or new and full grown.’
    • ‘Unlike other petrels, the flight feathers of diving petrels are moulted simultaneously, leaving the birds flightless while they grow back.’
    • ‘Feathers are also crucial for flight; contour feathers on the body establish the smooth, streamlined contour of a bird's body, and the enlarged flight feathers form the aerodynamic surfaces of the wings and tail.’
    • ‘Swans are caught and their wings' flight feathers are clipped, or pinioned.’
    • ‘That suggests that our captive birds molted their juvenal flight feathers on a schedule similar to that of Tufted Puffins in the wild.’
    • ‘Other than 36 birds captured in subadult plumage, as judged by worn brownish flight feathers and greater coverts and dull orange bills, all individuals measured in our study were adults 3 or more years old.’
    • ‘This included approximately eight flight feathers (longest flight feather approximately 23 cm) clumped together with mud and dirt.’
    • ‘As the plumage of Archaeopteryx includes full asymmetrical flight feathers on the forelimbs, it can be presumed that feathers had a long, unsampled history from the earliest examples to the derived forms seen in Avialae.’
    • ‘Their plumage is primarily white or tinted slightly pink or yellow, with black markings on the flight feathers and black eyestripes.’
    • ‘Moreover, when a male mounts her, he raises his wings and flashes a billboard of yellow flight feathers accompanied by ecstatic squawking from both birds.’
    • ‘In a flap for powered flight, the primary flight feathers are angled in such a way that they force air backwards so the bird is propelled forwards.’
    • ‘The behavior has long been regarded as a failed attempt at flying, pointless because the young chukar's flight feathers (called remiges) are not yet fully developed.’
    • ‘This is not a simple question because the primitive stage in feather evolution could have been most similar to a flight feather, or to a down feather, or to a contour feather with or without an aftershaft.’
    plume, quill
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