Definition of flight engineer in English:

flight engineer


  • A member of a flight crew responsible for the aircraft's engines and other systems during flight.

    • ‘Centred behind the pilots, the flight engineer monitoring the instruments reacts quickly to correct the situation; this allows the pilots to concentrate on the take-off.’
    • ‘The flight engineer determined the aircraft unsafe to fly unless the problem was corrected.’
    • ‘Trevor, migrated from England in 1940 to work as a test flight engineer with the then Government Aircraft Factory.’
    • ‘Along with me were the first pilot and the flight engineer.’
    • ‘If the cabin is pressurized, do not descend at a rate exceeding the value calculated by the flight engineer, and either adjust automatic pilot for descent or turn it OFF.’
    • ‘The captain called for the flight engineer to switch fuel feed to another tank, but the flight engineer responded, ‘we're out of fuel.’’
    • ‘The aircraft is flown by five crew members: the pilot and co-pilot, flight engineer and two loadmasters.’
    • ‘The flight deck accommodates the pilot, the co-pilot and the flight engineer.’
    • ‘The aircraft commander, pilot, navigator and flight engineer get the aircraft in and out of the storm safely.’
    • ‘His brother, in the right seat, had logged about 18,000 hours, had been a captain with two major airlines and continued to fly as a flight engineer for one of those air-lines.’
    • ‘Hovering over the designated drop zone the aerial gunner and flight engineer on each aircraft use their 7.62 mm ‘mini-guns’ to provide pararescue jumpers cover as they rappel to the ground.’
    • ‘Next, direct the flight engineer to take over the engines and trim the airplane for the best climbing airspeed.’
    • ‘Even as a teenager Chawla knew that she wanted to become a flight engineer and pursue aircraft design.’
    • ‘On my way to the plane, a flight engineer from another aircraft asked if I'd take a look at his oxygen.’
    • ‘On one the flight engineer from an aircraft which had been bombing in the Caen area, was brought into his tent.’
    • ‘Everyone who crews a it - the pilots, navigator, flight engineer and loadmasters - all do the course at some point, and they're not allowed to fly tactical operations until they do.’
    • ‘Engineering Officer Dave Batic, has a long association with the Caribou, having worked with them previously as both an aircraft technician and a flight engineer.’
    • ‘Many of the instruments and controls on the flight deck of the earlier version of Nimrod have been eliminated by the high level of automation in the aircraft's control systems which have taken over the work load of the flight engineer.’
    • ‘If you are the flight engineer, notify the pilot of any engine malfunction.’
    • ‘Compounding that was the flight engineer's apparently shutting down an engine that was still giving some power at 25 feet, just as they had rotated.’