Definition of flexographic in English:



  • See flexography

    • ‘We operate out of two technologically advanced converting facilities in Farmingdale, offering customers a choice of rotogravure or modified flexographic printing up to 10 colors.’
    • ‘Operating out of two facilities in Farmingdale, Seal-It prints up to ten colors in either rotogravure or modified flexographic.’
    • ‘The present invention also relates to the use of these compositions such as thickeners, dispersants, plastics additives, adhesives, coatings, flexographic inks, overprint varnishes, and dry cement powder modifiers.’
    • ‘Printing processes, including lithographic, flexographic and more advanced rotogravure, now can accommodate up to 10 colors and metallic inks.’
    • ‘Flexo, or flexographic printing, is similar to surface printing except the print cylinders employed are made of flexible materials, usually rubber.’
    • ‘Unlike other inks, such as offset and flexographic inks, which have no dominant thermoplastic binders, xerographic images do not disintegrate well when the wastepaper is re-pulped in the first step of recycling.’
    • ‘We produce shrink-sleeve, roll to-roll, roll-on shrink-on, pressuresensitive, and synthetic labels, as well as using digital, flexographic, and lithographic printing.’
    • ‘Shipped in rollstock, the labels are predistorted for shrink and reverse printed, using either a rotogravure or flexographic print process.’
    • ‘Shellac washcoats normally are used for gravure or flexographic printing, which utilize rapid-drying organic-solvent-base inks.’
    • ‘The packaging process at Safety 1st incorporates a Bell-Mark flexographic printer, which permits two-color graphic printing in the on-line process, as well as a video-jet printer.’