Definition of flexo in English:



  • short for flexography
    • ‘We promote the industry through a publicity and marketing programme aimed at users to promote the overall image and uses of flexo together with its technological achievements.’
    • ‘The inky wastewater is easily drained and rinsed from flexo pulps, but is very difficult to clean for reuse or disposal.’


  • short for flexographic (see flexography)
    • ‘The most widely used print processes are surface, flexographic or flexo, gravure and screen.’
    • ‘The flexo process is used to yield a range of country, colonial, floral and mini-print designs.’
    • ‘We build presses from 7 to 23 inches wide with flexo, UV flexo and rotary screen printing.’
    • ‘In the typical flexo printing sequence, the substrate is fed into the press from a roll.’