Definition of fletching in English:



mass noun
  • The feathers of an arrow.

    ‘it has good-sized fletching’
    count noun ‘he repairs damaged fletchings’
    • ‘There was a sound like a sharp handclap and red fletchings were sprouting from the post.’
    • ‘The crossbow bolt was half buried in her upper thigh, the orange and white fletchings poking out.’
    • ‘The fletchings are 3 ‘long feathers glued to the shafts with shellac.’’
    • ‘There is no need to use a finger of the bow hand to keep the arrow on the rest; this should be actively discouraged because it fouls the bow hand position and because loose fletching can become lodged under the skin if the arrow is shot this way.’
    • ‘It is critical to engage the arrow on to the bow in the right position but the fletchings or feathers will keep you right on this one.’
    • ‘Its orientation is stabilised by three fletchings at the rear of the arrow.’
    • ‘The long fletchings were of goose or swan feather, either four or three flights per shaft, these being glued and bound with a spiral of linen thread onto the shafts.’
    • ‘She unstrung it and put the bowstring in a pouch at her belt, and found a quiver and arrows with black fletching.’
    • ‘But this calculation does not take into account the human factor involved in archery and, in the field, the arrow flew for nearly 100 metres, rising to around 160 metres when the feather fletchings were trimmed to reduce drag.’
    • ‘His own arrow's fletching was an identical color to his cloak, shifting from green to brown as he moved it.’
    • ‘Victor has been poisoned, and that bolt is spiked from the head to its fletching.’
    • ‘Several of the arrows still retained sinew ties in association with fletching or hafting of the antler arrow points, or both.’
    • ‘The nock is secured with sinew and both nock and fletching are held on with fish air-bladder glue.’
    • ‘Traces of goose feather fletchings have been found and swan and eagle are also known to be good feathers for fletching.’
    • ‘To put new fletching and a new nock on an arrow runs the customer about *2.50, Julio said.’