Definition of flesh-eating in English:



  • 1(of an animal or plant) carnivorous.

    ‘flesh-eating carrion crows’
    ‘a flesh-eating pitcher plant’
    • ‘The folds of skin from the tail area are removed to stop blowflies laying eggs in lambswool, as the flesh-eating maggots which emerge can fatally wound the animals.’
    • ‘A talented cast played out the unlikely story line of an insatiable flesh-eating plant who brings fame, fortune and finally doom to the Skid Row florist.’
    • ‘While the Tasmanian climate may not be perfect for most carnivorous plants if you have a glasshouse or a window sill, which gets the sun, Paul recommended these as perfect places for most flesh-eating plants.’
    • ‘They took one look at the clearly uncooked meat coated in a layer of flesh-eating insects and set about badgering us like a pair of rabid wolverines.’
    • ‘As flesh-eating beetles go, they are gorgeous.’
    • ‘In the spring of 1999, The Mummy was released and unleashed hordes of decomposing corpses, flesh-eating scarabs, and Biblical plagues onto an audience in the glory of digital special effects.’
    • ‘They were heading for peace and isolation, and they sure got that, along with giant finger-breaking coconut crabs, flesh-eating ants, and hungry sharks.’
    • ‘The discovery confirms previous evidence which suggests birds evolved from a long-line of flesh eating dinosaurs like the Sinosauropteryx.’
    • ‘The flesh-eating dinosaurs must have eaten anything they could catch, since predation is a highly opportunistic lifestyle.’
    • ‘According to the British natural historians' paranoid belief, the flesh-eating beast was the symbol of rebellious disorder, of a "radical reversal of roles between master and servant."’
    • ‘Although when most people think of flesh eating plants they probably think of the Venus Fly Trap, there are hundreds of different species of carnivorous plants, which range from the Triffid-like Pitcher Plant, to the sticky leafed Sundew.’
    • ‘Few know of the horror lurking behind closed doors: flesh-eating bugs hungrily devouring decaying flesh straight from carcasses.’
    meat-eating, predatory, of prey, hunting, raptorial
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    1. 1.1 (of a disease or microorganism) destructive to body tissue.
      ‘flesh-eating bacteria’
      • ‘Shortly after my skin incident, I found an article about a flesh-eating strep that devours humans in less than 24 hours.’
      • ‘Different species of the single-celled parasite Leishmania can cause flesh-eating nose, throat, and mouth infections.’
      • ‘Out of the ashes of the catastrophe, a destructive flesh-eating virus that can spontaneously mutate into an Ebola strain has also cropped up, decimating survivors.’
      • ‘This bacterium is also a flesh-eating organism, which can produce major disfigurement in those who survive infection.’
      • ‘Perhaps the flesh-eating disease afflicting the characters represents some environmental commentary on man getting his comeuppance from nature?’
      • ‘I couldn't understand what he was talking about: this was the flesh eating virus!’
      • ‘We have been told to expect massive death tolls from new strains, from such alien diseases as ebola or the flesh-eating bug, necrotising fasciitis.’
      • ‘The party is cut short, however, by a virulent flesh-eating bacterium.’
      • ‘Unbeknownst to this merry quintet, in those same woods, a hermit finds his dog, dead and decimated, apparently the recipient of a brutal flesh-eating contagion.’
      • ‘A specialist, consulted through telemedicine, found that the man was actually infected with flesh-eating streptococcus bacteria.’
      • ‘After all, unlike zombies and demons, the horrors of flesh-eating bacteria are all too real and the basic scenario all too plausible.’
      • ‘In true horror movie style this teenage utopia deteriorates when a wandering vagrant infects them with a deadly, flesh-eating virus.’
      • ‘Survivors of the flesh-eating virus have seen the special effects make-up in the film, and maintain that it's 100 % accurate.’
      • ‘This is a horror film about a group of teenagers who come under attack from a deadly contagious flesh-eating bug.’
      • ‘By the same token, if you pick up a strange rash, you will want to see a doctor in case it really is flesh-eating bacteria.’
      • ‘Your chance of being killed by flesh-eating bacteria is 1 in 1 million.’
      • ‘I started reading about these flesh-eating viruses: they kill people in around 24 hours.’
    2. 1.2 (of a supernatural creature) feeding on human flesh.
      ‘flesh-eating zombies’
      • ‘The women are actually flesh-eating ghouls that feast on the patrons of the bar and the bloodbath commences almost immediately.’
      • ‘A group of strangers barricade themselves into a house in order to escape from a horde of flesh-eating zombies.’
      • ‘A few hours later, they turn into flesh-eating ghouls, and attack everyone around them.’
      • ‘A highly contagious virus has transformed almost every human into flesh-eating zombies.’
      • ‘What they don't expect to find is a flesh-eating, out-of-control monster, which is what the poor billionaire test subject has transformed into.’
      • ‘Trapped on a paradise planet infested with flesh-eating mutants and carnivorous plants, your job is to shoot things until they become incapable of feasting on your entrails.’
      • ‘The search leads them to the remote Caribbean island Matul, where they are thrust into a life threatening battle with an army of flesh-eating zombies.’
      • ‘Not a bad premise: broken-down school bus, excitable teens, violent farmer, flesh-eating monster.’