Definition of fleeced in English:



  • 1(of a sheep or goat) having a woolly covering.

    ‘heavily fleeced sheep hunkered down for shelter’
    in combination ‘a golden-fleeced ram’
    • ‘It begs you to leave behind corporate life for the simpler, more peaceful pleasures of raising this fleeced livestock.’
    • ‘A local farmer won the cup for the best fleeced Dalesbred.’
    • ‘The weather in the valley can be cold and rainy in winter, but that doesn't bother savvy wildlife-area visitors—be they naturally feathered or stylishly fleeced.’
    • ‘They were blackfaced, light, fleeced sheep.’
    • ‘Eventually, faster-maturing, fine-fleeced Merinos replaced them, and the breed became nearly extinct, both here and abroad.’
    • ‘We may not shear the light-fleeced llamas as often, and some of them just shed out their winter coats.’
    • ‘We prefer the thicker, white-fleeced lambs that have practical value outside of the show ring but the style to catch the judge’s eye in the ring.’
    • ‘Look north along the flank of the Sourdough Mountains, and you might spot the snowy-fleeced mountain goats that call this range home.’
    • ‘She also has millspun yarn from her finest fleeced alpacas.’
    • ‘On the other side they passed flocks of sheep, fleeced with snow.’
  • 2(of a garment) lined with a soft warm fabric with a texture similar to sheep's wool.

    in combination ‘a white-fleeced jacket’
    • ‘One merchant offered pleated, washed, embroidered and fleeced linens.’
    • ‘Lambsdown is a heavy knit fabric that has a spongy fleeced nap on one side.’
    • ‘From now on, your favorite woolen garments, fleeced cotton garments, labeled with "hand-wash only" are now washable by machine.’
    • ‘That's where I found a few bits of fleeced leather.’
    • ‘These booties use the same “extreme thrumming” technique as the fleeced earflap hat.’
    • ‘We now stock fleeced pouched wraps.’
    • ‘This thick-fleeced black hood, with contrasting black marl sleeves is the perfect cover-up this winter.’
    • ‘It's a seriously sizzled slice of retro garage beat fleeced with some deliciously groovy hip-hugging fuzzed-up funky flavorings and blessed with some of the sassiest saxophone in town.’
    • ‘Among the most popular items include a gray fleeced duffle coat with hood at $14.’
    • ‘The flocking industry produces fleeced fabric and plush objects for use in the manufacture of upholstery, clothing, carpets, automobiles, and novelty items.’