Definition of flawlessly in English:



  • In a manner free from imperfections or defects; perfectly.

    ‘the system works flawlessly’
    ‘a flawlessly executed campaign’
    • ‘The soprano blew her audiences away by flawlessly mixing her registers, phrasing with magisterial grandeur, and nuancing her voice with expressive color.’
    • ‘After 100 times, the rat can solve the puzzle flawlessly.’
    • ‘No software works flawlessly for all parties in all environments.’
    • ‘Vehicles and interactive backgrounds are rendered with computer animation and combined almost flawlessly with pencil and ink drawings.’
    • ‘The harsh reality is not readily apparent because the market has seemingly functioned flawlessly throughout the boom.’
    • ‘The information technology systems performed flawlessly in transmitting supply chain data.’
    • ‘The dinner had gone off pretty flawlessly, except for Brian burning the Italian bread.’
    • ‘The surgery went flawlessly, as expected.’
    • ‘She flawlessly depicts a girl on the edge whose rebellion, in overdrive, is fueling self-destructive behavior.’
    • ‘Flawlessly turned out from head to toe, she smiled graciously as she welcomed her guests.’