Definition of flatwater in English:



mass nounNorth American
  • Slowly moving water in a river, as opposed to rapids.

    as modifier ‘flatwater kayak and canoe teams’
    • ‘An integral keel helps it track on flat water.’
    • ‘The final three days were a bit of an anti-climax for the group, with relatively easy paddles on flat waters to the rendezvous with the yacht.’
    • ‘At one point, in the flat water in the shadow of Grenada, we hit 9.2 knots.’
    • ‘Someone upstairs knew the importance of semi-finals and turned on a brilliant day of flat water with barely a hint of wind.’
    • ‘Even their experienced Stroke had previously only raced on flat water.’
    • ‘Two days ago, I took my son on a 30 minute flatwater canoe ride.’
    • ‘By rights, there ought to be a desert up here, so far from the oceans of the flatwater world.’
    • ‘The result is that the Nomad paddles faster on flat water than most of its cousins.’
    • ‘We join Blanche and Junior at the surface of the flat water of Avera Bay.’
    • ‘It was mostly a flatwater river, she reported, with the rapids concentrated in the first few days.’
    • ‘Spending the day motoring through flat water gave us a chance to clean house.’
    • ‘Lake Banyoles again turned on flat water with a slight hint of a head wind for semi-final Friday.’
    • ‘Round two of heats began at 9.30 am under slightly hazy skies and perfectly flat water.’
    • ‘You'd have a perfect mirror image there on that nice, flat water there.’
    • ‘The huge harbor works which stretch 1.3km out to sea have also created a section of flat water perfect for small boat sailing.’
    • ‘The giant lagoon is perfect for flat water sailing.’
    • ‘Just now we're sailing along in a stiff breeze over flat water.’
    • ‘As we scanned the horizon we could see nothing but flat water.’
    • ‘Flat waters cover a deep-down base, making for optimal wakes with minimal rebound thanks to the sloped shores on either side.’
    • ‘The narrow vessels are designed to travel extremely fast atop flat water.’