Definition of flattie in English:


(also flatty)


  • 1A flat-heeled shoe.

    • ‘The idea is that at the end of a long evening's stagger round Bigg Market, you slip off your agonising four-inch heels, stick them in the bag and put on the flatties to walk home.’
    • ‘The heels have also worn down so far the shoes have become flatties, instead of the fashionable high heels they once were.’
    • ‘After so many seasons of crippling stilettos, the flattie fights back.’
    • ‘Our first stop was the Camper factory shop, where the famous flatties sell for a fraction of their retail price in the UK.’
    • ‘Shall it be dungarees, trousers, long skirts, short skirts, lipstick, high heels, flatties?’
    • ‘However young and crazed by ‘vintage’, no one will be going out wearing square-toed flatties with space-age mini dresses, that's a given.’
    • ‘Emigrant Creek entrance is a good spot for the flatties at the moment.’
    • ‘The exhibit most people ask about is a pixie ankle boot in turquoise velvet made for Brigitte Bardot, made in the same era is the black flattie designed for Audrey Hepburn.’
  • 2A flatfish.

    • ‘On the other hand, don't wait forever as you don't want the little flatties to swallow the hook.’
    • ‘A good deal of time is spent trying to catch shrimps, crabs and small flatties for the bucket all to be released.’
    • ‘It usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes to get one of these big flatties to give in and move off the seabed.’
    • ‘Are you one of those divers who assumes that most of the fish off our coasts are wrasse, unless they have both eyes on one side, in which case they're called flatties?’
    • ‘Plenty of interest in the day, and night divers can expect to encounter flatties, including the occasional ray, octopus, small cuttlefish and lobster.’
    • ‘On the sand you might spot the occasional flattie or anglerfish.’
    • ‘Small flatties also proved entertaining, and when a small reef was found, I noted a 15-spined stickleback in some weed.’
    • ‘It was designed by dedicated craftsmen exclusively for murdering flatties.’
  • 3A flatboat.

  • 4dated A police officer.