Definition of flatland in English:



mass nounalso flatlands
  • Land with no hills, valleys, or mountains.

    ‘the flatlands of Lincolnshire’
    count noun ‘a sandy flatland dotted with marshes’
    • ‘It subsumes mountain ranges, valleys and flatlands at an elevation range of more than 6,000 feet.’
    • ‘The fertile valley, surrounded by desert mountains, ends in flatlands and on to the sea.’
    • ‘I made my way back to the valley flatlands of the Rhone.’
    • ‘The pampas are vast flatlands of cattle and horse farms.’
    • ‘There's nothing but flatland and trees for miles!’
    • ‘Up well away from the river now in the heart of the flatland, insects are hitting the windshield.’
    • ‘Anyway, the views from the top are terrific, one way down and out of the valley, over the flatlands to the North York Moors.’
    • ‘Since Hollenstein had grown up on a small farm in the flatlands of the Rhine River Valley, she had had nothing to prepare her physically for grueling mountain warfare except the work-regime of farm labor.’
    • ‘Flying region is a mixture of flatlands and low hills - much safer than any alpine region.’
    • ‘And, in a stretch of flatland in nearby hills, are more vivid totems of the Tiger God with the supreme Sun God, the Cattle God and the Land God.’
    • ‘At first quick glance, the image appears to present a pretty nondescript, rusty-colored flatland dotted with rocks.’
    • ‘That's all you need in these flatlands and the all-round views are super.’
    • ‘Frank and Ronald were born 30 years ago to working-class Catholic parents in the wet flatlands north of Amsterdam.’
    • ‘Start in the flatlands of the Silicon Valley, where the hopes of software engineers and venture capitalists are slowly coming back to life after five lean years.’
    • ‘Dry-rice agriculture is also practiced in the hilly areas between the flatlands.’
    • ‘Then you go further south and the huge mountains turns into rolling hills and the rolling hills turn into flatlands.’
    • ‘A few more days later still it will be time to leave these hills for the flatlands my family calls home.’
    • ‘The views out west over the flatlands are terrific.’
    • ‘After exploring gentle mountain slopes, taiga flatland and highland barrens, we suddenly reached the plateau's edge.’
    • ‘We are all very happy to be out of the hot, dry, dusty flatlands and in the cool, moist hills and mountains with fields that actually have grass in them.’
    grassland, lowland, pasture, meadowland, open country, prairie, savannah, steppe
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