Definition of flatbed in English:



  • 1A long flat area or structure.

    ‘the flatbed of a truck’
    1. 1.1 A vehicle with a flat load-carrying area.
      as modifier ‘a flatbed truck’
      • ‘Minneapolis police had a flatbed truck on location to help them confiscate bikes.’
      • ‘Mink pushed him into a dirt driveway, past a flatbed truck.’
      • ‘He jumped up on a flatbed truck and motioned for us all to gather around for a speech.’
      • ‘It is a flatbed vehicle carrying 16 rockets arranged in two stacks positioned on either side of the vehicle bed.’
      • ‘Then swarms of military personnel combed the area and a tarp-covered flatbed truck rumbled out of the woods.’
      • ‘The second involved two cars and a flatbed truck.’
      • ‘They kept people away and eventually carted away something on the back of a flatbed truck.’
      • ‘The launch container (3.05m long, 2.44m wide and 2.44m high) is permanently mounted on a flatbed truck.’
      • ‘They ended up under the back wheels of a flatbed truck.’
      • ‘Londoners and tourists stopped to watch as a flatbed truck with a police escort hauled it away to a secure location for more forensics tests.’
      • ‘A flatbed truck tries to back into an edge of the bus to flip it over but it is no use.’
      • ‘The large flatbed trucks have to maneuver around the plant.’
      • ‘Their whooping could be heard for counties, even over the din of the empty barrels colliding in their flatbeds and rumbleseats.’
      • ‘Monday morning, it went back to the dealer on a flatbed truck.’
      • ‘Each framed panel was shipped finished side up on a flatbed truck to the site.’
      • ‘Piggybacked on a flatbed, the vehicle was delivered back to the repair shop.’
      • ‘When we were about halfway there, I saw five dirtbikes, the van, and the truck, the flatbed piled with people, come tearing out of the garage.’
      • ‘‘A flatbed rail wagon of quite considerable tonnage and somewhere in the region of 12 ft to 15 ft in length was loaded with redundant rails,’ Mr Davies said.’
      • ‘The car will need a lift the last 28 miles into Las Vegas on a flatbed tow truck.’
      • ‘The van rolled several times and collided with a flatbed lorry parked on the hard shoulder while workers were carrying out repairs near by.’
    2. 1.2as modifier Denoting a letterpress printing machine in which the forme is carried on a horizontal surface.
      ‘a flatbed press’
      • ‘Simultaneously, we embarked into ‘desktop publishing,’ forsaking the old Line-O-Types and flatbed presses in our letterpress days.’
      • ‘Probably the printers had gone home for the day, so there would have been no clanking flatbed press.’
      • ‘The Sun began with a traditional hand-run flatbed press but quickly switched to a cylinder press making a thousand, rather than two hundred, impressions an hour.’
      • ‘Here she is pictured with a flatbed press in 1983.’
      • ‘Benjamin Day began his paper in 1833 without any capital, relying on a slow, hand-cranked flatbed press.’
    3. 1.3Computing A scanner, plotter, or other device which keeps paper flat during use.
      • ‘The transparent sheet was scanned using a flatbed.’
      • ‘Among his many accomplishments, he developed the technology behind the flatbed scanner, and he is a leading expert in speech recognition.’
      • ‘The team then spread each set of debris onto a flatbed scanner to record the particle sizes.’
      • ‘In addition, participants may use flatbed or slide scanners, and both software and hardware to digitize and edit video and prepare it for streaming.’
      • ‘This is also true of the other work in the show, Drawing Machine, in which a computer-programmed flatbed moves a tube that periodically drips ink onto thick paper that absorbs it irregularly.’