Definition of flat white in English:

flat white


  • A type of coffee made with espresso and hot steamed milk, but without the froth characteristic of a cappuccino.

    ‘I stumbled into one of those trendy bookshops with cafes and ordered a large flat white’
    • ‘The simple flat white I had was smooth and aromatic.’
    • ‘I'm feeling pretty good by now so a little further up the road stop off to have lunch - two sandwiches & a flat white coffee - & read the review again.’
    • ‘The chain has been buoyed by the introduction in January of the "flat white", a less milky version of the latte.’
    • ‘Over an excellent breakfast and a couple of flat whites (creamier versions of a latte), the drizzle turned into a downpour.’
    • ‘We go along to buy a cappuccino, latte, flat white, or whatever, and we find there is a surcharge.’
    • ‘His first contact with Daryl Somers was in 1996, when Daryl asked Rove to get him a coffee - flat white, two sugars.’
    • ‘Their lunch service is widely used by local businesses and you can't beat the coffee - cappuccino, flat white, espresso … it's all sure to make your day.’
    • ‘Sydney was hot, humid, and it seemed impossible to find a decent flat white.’
    • ‘For those wondering about the title … a good friend advised me that, in desperation, a Starbucks double-shot latte was a reasonably close approximation to a flat white.’
    • ‘We drank flat white coffees, and Ray noticed me looking at the blurry blue tattoo on his forearm.’
    • ‘They've never heard of flat white coffee here, and have a hard time understanding those words when spoken with an Australian accent.’
    • ‘More than a million flat whites have been sold since their launch three months ago.’
    • ‘That meant making 12 coffees in 12 minutes - four lattes, four flat whites and four cappuccinos.’
    • ‘His fuss over something possibly quite trivial ruined her skim-milk flat white.’
    • ‘Ash personally prefers a flat white, which along with lattes are the most popular among his customers.’
    • ‘The coffees were excellent too - my flat white was actually flat and there was not even a hint of burnt flavour in the roast.’
    • ‘Enterprising Antipodeans are going into business to service this army of beverage snobs who scour the capital looking for a piccolo or a flat white.’
    • ‘If you can face the prospect of no more film festivals and flat whites, find your own place in the country.’
    • ‘Webber said coffee would remain the same - a flat white costs $3.50 - but there would be changes to food and alcohol.’
    • ‘I purchased a soy flat white and slice of banana bread for breakfast and sat at a nice cafe while I made a few calls.’