Definition of flat-top in English:



  • 1A man's hairstyle in which the hair is cropped short so that it bristles up into a flat surface.

    ‘a blond flat-top and a faint blond mustache’
    • ‘In eighth-grade, one of my classmates got a flattop.’
    • ‘I was at a large, mostly punk house-party when a nervous-looking kid with a flat-top showed up.’
    • ‘The children were allowed to drink sodas for breakfast and this seemed as exotic to me as Elwin's silver flattop and the red bow ties he customarily wore.’
    • ‘The two younger tattooists are both short and wide with flat-tops.’
    • ‘At a time when the flattop represented the American male ideal, the rockabillies wore coiffures worthy of French royalty.’
    • ‘His hair was in a flat-top with the front part slicked up like a tailfin on a Cadillac.’
    • ‘Irreverent commentary is as much a characteristic trait of Duke as his razor edged flattop, and he hasn't lost any of his will to communicate his intent.’
    • ‘A flat-top modified by blow-dried wings of hair is a good start.’
    • ‘Apparently Pop is sold on growing his hair out from the flattop we're all used to, into some kind of feathered, curling-in-the-back thing.’
    • ‘He's wiry, he wears a goatee and a flattop, he's got a ready smile and a quick wink and, yeah, I suppose he has opinions.’
  • 2An acoustic guitar that has a flat rather than a curved front.

    ‘he had a guitar, an old Gibson flat-top’
    • ‘J-200 is the model number of the Gibson acoustic guitar known as ‘the king of the flat-tops’.’
    • ‘No fan of flat-top guitar picking should be without this one in their collection.’
    • ‘There had been electrified flat-tops since the 1950s, such as Gibson's CF-100E and J-160E or Martin's D-18E and D-28E, but these had conventional electric guitar pickups installed on an acoustic guitar.’
    • ‘A native of Winston-Salem, NC, Tim taught himself to play on an old Stella flat-top guitar.’
    • ‘Folklore described Watson as "a powerful singer and a tremendously influential picker who virtually invented the art of playing mountain fiddle tunes on the flattop guitar."’
    • ‘Born in New York in 1905, he was only nine years old when he began an apprenticeship with great-uncle Ciani, who made violins, mandolins, and flat-top guitars.’
    • ‘Instrumentation includes greats such as David Grier on flat-top guitar, Matt Flinner on mandolin, Stuart Duncan on fiddle and the list goes on and on.’
    • ‘Whether he's on a resonator or a flattop guitar, his joy for playing is palpable and addictive.’
  • 3US informal An aircraft carrier.

    • ‘One of the flat-tops is always ready for front-line deployment, and that task currently falls to HMS Invincible, while a second can be swiftly reactivated - which is where the Ark stands.’
    • ‘Later that day, other enlisted radiomen/gunners helped even the score, protecting their dive-bomber pilots as they wiped out the enemy carrier force, sinking all four Japanese flattops.’
    • ‘They began a steady rotation with the other carrier-based planes from the surviving flattops.’
    • ‘Other confirmed attendants so far include France's flagship, carrier FS Charles de Gaulle, and Spain's flat-top SPS Principe de Asturias.’
    • ‘The aircraft carrier Harry S Truman, the newest operational flattop in the U.S. fleet, sailed this morning from Norfolk, Virginia.’