Definition of flashlight in English:



  • 1North American An electric torch.

    • ‘And we have our flashlights and batteries and everything else lined up.’
    • ‘Trey searched diligently with his flashlight as he proceeded painfully slowly.’
    • ‘Scanning its interior with our flashlights, beautiful shades of reds and yellows reverberated back at us.’
    • ‘I found myself wishing for a flashlight when I distinctly heard someone or something on the path ahead.’
    • ‘If you plan to rely on flashlights or electric lanterns for emergency lighting, be sure to keep plenty of fresh batteries on hand.’
    • ‘Hardware such as nails, screws, tools, axes, mops, brooms, rakes, rope, tubs, mousetraps, flashlights, batteries, and barbed wire could be purchased.’
    • ‘He looked at his charts with his pen flashlight.’
    • ‘Get their flashlights and their batteries and a water bottle ready.’
    • ‘A good flashlight and extra batteries is always in the hunting gear somewhere, and I almost always have a multi-tool on my belt.’
    • ‘Five barefooted girls in pajamas made their way across the street with flashlights in hand.’
    • ‘The dim haze of flashlights bounced around the sharp turn in the tunnel.’
    • ‘Rogers, the electrician, held a flashlight in one hand and was digging through the box with the other.’
    • ‘Around midnight I managed to find a flashlight.’
    • ‘They walked through and then it was so dark and spooky, the light of the flashlight was out of batteries.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, due to fire regulations candles can't be used, so people attending are asked to bring flashlights instead.’
    • ‘He shines his flashlight in my eyes, twists my head and leaves.’
    • ‘Putting the flashlight down on the chair next to him, he pulled the painting off the wall and let it fall unceremoniously to the floor.’
    • ‘I found a flashlight in the kitchen junk-drawer.’
    • ‘‘Power outage,’ I grumbled, picking up the flashlight and drawing shapes with it on the wall.’
    • ‘Under a pile of dirty laundry, she retrieved two large flashlights and some batteries.’
    • ‘Emily took candles, flashlights, and blankets and sat on the couch.’
    • ‘Bright gas lanterns are better than flashlights.’
    • ‘Chris held up a flashlight so he could see where the hatch was.’
    • ‘A man walking in front with a flashlight would have provided better illumination.’
    • ‘The numerous torches and flashlights held by the soldiers was a blinding sight.’
    • ‘And with dawning horror, Sally realized that the flashlight's batteries were dead.’
    • ‘He got out the flashlight and turned it on and shone it inside.’
    • ‘Keep a flashlight, candles and matches in the glove box.’
    • ‘They walked back towards number 20, talking in whispers and turning their flashlights occasionally to check their location.’
    • ‘They use flashlights to search the ground near buildings and streetlights.’
    • ‘All my friends had the flashlights and fresh batteries on them.’
    • ‘We grabbed our flashlights and lanterns and waited to see, or hear what would be next.’
    • ‘Come get your blankets, your fallout shelter supplies, your flashlights!’
    • ‘Exploration of caves and locating art on the walls can usually be accomplished with lightweight, helmet-mounted caving lamps and small portable flashlights.’
    • ‘The opposition group met later with candles and flashlights to select a new interim governor.’
    • ‘Most of us have experienced a temporary loss of electricity and know the helpless feeling of fumbling around for a flashlight or matches and candles.’
    • ‘Melody looked at him confused, then to her flashlight.’
    • ‘When I did eventually find a flashlight, the damn batteries were dead!’
    • ‘I love it, but how did you get the blanket and flashlights here?’
    • ‘‘Two flashlights, extra batteries is what I got,’ said Mark.’
    lamp, torch
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  • 2A flashing light used for signals and in lighthouses.

    • ‘Hundreds and hundreds of flashlights are signalling us… strobe lights, flares.’
    • ‘Behind there was the lighthouse sweep of flashlights traversing empty space.’
    distress signal, rocket, very light, beacon, light, signal
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  • 3

    another term for flashgun
    • ‘The artificial light cast by the flashlights and reporter bulbs lit the scene ahead, blotted out by the moving figures and crowd of people.’
    • ‘The flashlights are popping off her and the roar of the crowd smashes into her stomach.’
    • ‘I snap photos of the crowning, by the light of flashlight.’
    • ‘A short foray into the spotlights, the briefest dance with immortality and then exit stage left in a body bag illuminated by a thousand camera flashlights.’
    • ‘There are also flashlights for spotlighting details.’
    • ‘It all came true with a Prince's Trust loan of £2,000 which allowed her to buy a medium format camera and studio flashlights with enough left over to turn her garden shed into a light-sealed dark room and to advertise.’
    • ‘Though it is good that there is interest in the turtles, the beach is awash with flashlights and flashbulbs, causing considerable disturbance to the turtles.’
    • ‘They had all brought their cameras with them and the flashlights lit up the murky Manchester sky almost as though it was the paparazzi pursuing a cat-walk model down the runway.’