Definition of flasher in English:



  • 1An automatic device causing a light to flash on and off rapidly.

    1. 1.1 A signal using a flashing device, for example a car's indicator.
      • ‘Volkswagen is recalling 2000 through 2002 cars to replace switches that may burn out and cause turn signals and flashers to fail.’
      • ‘He winced as a red light from a police car's flashers ran over his face.’
      • ‘We slowed down, turned our emergency flashers on, and continued up the hill until we came upon the accident.’
      • ‘Hopefully our flashers were visible from the road, as the ditch was quite low.’
      • ‘Carefully, one-handed, he peeled it off his right ear and set it on the passenger seat, unable to figure out how to turn off the neon flashers.’
      • ‘In the days to come, residents will be bombarded by the siren and flashers of ‘traffic’ motorbikes.’
      • ‘Icey looked up from where she was leaned over, perfecting her look via her reflection in the window of a car, which was illegally parked in the bus lane with its flashers on.’
      • ‘I drove this way with flashers and lights on and kept looking in my rearview mirror - hoping and praying the big rigs could see me.’
      • ‘As the name would suggest, a bicycle flasher features several LED lights that flash on and off to catch the eyes of those around you.’
      • ‘I immediately pulled my van to the side of the road, put my emergency flashers on, and ran toward the now burning sports car.’
      • ‘They will switch their blue flashers on for a few seconds to cross red lights and then switch them off.’
      • ‘Our driver turns on the flashers and the auxiliary lights that are reserved for moments like this and places a blue light on the roof - a signal normally used only by the police.’
      • ‘Use flashers or a headlight signal to warn other drivers when deer are spotted on or near the road.’
      • ‘If not, turn on your four-way flashers or left turn signals.’
      • ‘Suddenly, and without any warning, (neither his lights nor his flashers on), the officer made a left hand turn from the middle lane - right into my car.’
      • ‘Jorge used one of the laser flashers on his key chain to flash childish Morse code messages though the stage door to the dining room.’
      • ‘You may park anywhere if you turn your four-way flashers on.’
      • ‘The other man walked around the Suburban in the light of the bus' flashers, pushed the other gentleman against the bus, shot him, and took his place in the back seat.’
      • ‘The pedals have a built-in generator producing enough electricity from the rotation of the pedals to light the flashers mounted front and back on them.’
      • ‘Flames and flying embers surrounded us and I was beeping the horn and had the headlights and the hazard flashers on.’
  • 2informal A man who exposes his genitals in public.

    • ‘News reports on how a Croatian flasher met his match on encountering a local dog.’
    • ‘Detectives are hunting an anorak-wearing flasher who exposed himself to a woman as she walked along a Burnley canal towpath.’
    • ‘We have perverts, flashers and child molesters.’
    • ‘If you come across a flasher, report it to the police.’
    • ‘In the first incident a 34-year-old woman was indecently assaulted and in a separate attack a flasher exposed himself to workers in a local tanning studio, both on Monday night.’
    • ‘A few years ago there was a flasher exposing himself in the footpath but nothing nasty.’
    • ‘This is not the safest option as you may bump into flashers, perverts and weirdos.’
    • ‘Calne police are hunting for a flasher who exposed himself to a 16-year-old girl.’
    • ‘If a flasher can frighten girls of this age, imagine the situation with multiples.’
    • ‘A flasher exposes himself in the hope that you will expose yourself to him in return.’
    • ‘In the latter, the difference in treatment of prisoners is particularly apparent as convicted rapists, flashers, child abusers and child-killers enjoy light, airy cells, with sanitation and power points.’
    • ‘Most flashers expose themselves around 3,000 to 5,000 times before being caught.’
    • ‘Peeping Toms, flashers, showgirls, ‘working’ girls and cross-dressers inhabited the warehouse environment.’
    • ‘I'm not asking for the register to be open, to know about every flasher, every family member molested.’
    • ‘A flasher has been jailed for four months after he exposed himself to four women on the same night.’
    • ‘The restrictions put by the police after fall of dusk and the nuisance created by voyeurs, flashers, wayside Romeos, drug addicts and gays are just some of the issues that people face.’