Definition of flare-up in English:



  • A sudden outburst of something, especially violence or hostility.

    ‘a flare-up between the two countries’
    • ‘He saw that this would be chaotic and prone to violent flare-ups, and proposed a foreign military presence to keep the peace.’
    • ‘In most cases, however, these flare-ups represent relapses and sufferers have generally experienced anorexia as an adolescent.’
    • ‘This prevents flare-ups and makes the meat healthier to eat.’
    • ‘You know, admittedly there was a flare-up of some violence at one of the multicultural days.’
    • ‘Radioiodine therapy may cause a flare-up of eye disease.’
    • ‘‘She has never been in remission and when the flare-ups are bad she has to go on steroids,’ said her mother.’
    • ‘He's had flare-ups of Crohn's disease, a serious inflammation of the intestines that causes pain and diarrhea.’
    • ‘Stress can trigger acne breakouts, eczema flare-ups and make skin susceptible to disease.’
    • ‘Earlier this year, in a flare-up of violence, 28 people were killed and 870 injured.’
    • ‘His abduction came amid a flare-up of kidnappings of foreigners during the intense violence that began in early April.’
    • ‘Therapy has two goals - to treat the acute disease flare-ups and to maintain remission.’
    • ‘North Yorkshire police were out across the county today, patrolling petrol forecourts in case of any flare-ups caused by the rush for fuel.’
    • ‘It may just settle into endemic violence, with occasional flare-ups.’
    • ‘Relapsing-remitting disease involves clearly defined flare-ups followed by partial or complete remissions.’
    • ‘I'm in the hospital with my worst-ever flare-up of Crohn's disease.’
    • ‘But the topic is still not without its occasional flare-ups.’
    • ‘That was also the last known outbreak until the latest flare-up.’
    • ‘Although the intensity of feelings was often reduced during this phase of recovery, there were still instances of emotional flare-ups.’
    • ‘Though the course that lupus takes cannot be predicted, there are some lifestyle changes that may help minimize flare-ups of the disease.’
    • ‘The flare-up in insurgent attacks also has killed another two dozen people over the past two days.’
    fit, attack, bout, outpouring, eruption, explosion, outburst, burst, outbreak, blow-up, blaze, spasm, paroxysm, seizure, rush
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