Definition of flame-coloured in English:


(US flame-colored)


  • Of a brilliant orange-red colour.

    ‘she is proud of her flame-coloured hair’
    • ‘His hair and beard are flame-colored.’
    • ‘The lad laughed and ran his hand through his thick, flame-coloured hair.’
    • ‘The deep blue cloak which was thrown over his shoulders was lined with flame-coloured silk.’
    • ‘It is a fragrant evergreen tree with flame-coloured bark.’
    • ‘An old man dressed in flame-coloured robes was standing in the entrance leaning on a staff.’
    • ‘The banner is the Horned Shield on a flame-colored background with buckskin fringe.’
    • ‘The waistcoat is embellished with multicolored embroidery, buttons, and flame-colored trimmings.’
    • ‘She was decked out as she was in fabulous flame-coloured silk.’
    • ‘Yellowing green and flame-coloured leaves carpet the unevenly cobbled courtyard.’
    • ‘She wears a brilliant flame-coloured taffeta cloak.’
    • ‘Lily was blessed with her mother's flame coloured locks, and mischievous streak.’