Definition of fixie in English:



  • A single-gear bicycle that has no freewheel, so that its wheels cannot move unless power is applied to the pedals.

    • ‘The fixie rider yelled out, "That's a red light, mate".’
    • ‘They are riding "fixies", which is a fad sweeping some parts of the cycling world.’
    • ‘Online retailer takes advantage of the fixie boom with brand new physical store based in Central London’
    • ‘If you have never experienced riding a "fixie", it's hard to communicate adequately the almost transcendental pleasure of the sensation.’
    • ‘I don't know, the real trendies and creatives and coders who get to work on fixies aren't doing the iphone any more surely?’
    • ‘He rides a fixie around Chicago, the city that loves him back.’
    • ‘I glance at my handlebar and the computer reads 35 MPH (yeah, I've got a comp. on my fixie, what's it to you?) as I continue to accelerate.’
    • ‘There were London's cooler-than-cool fixie community, weaving amid the two-wheeled crowds on their custom fixed wheel bikes.’
    • ‘We will also be branching into road bikes, something that has been a part of my life longer than riding a brakeless fixie.’
    • ‘Fixies are booming currently and there's no sign of this trend stopping any time soon.’
    • ‘I suppose I've always been curious about Joel's fixie's, that's why I bought a wheel with a flip-flop hub.’
    • ‘There are moutain bikes, road bikes, cross bikes, fixies, singlespeeds, you name it.’


Early 21st century: from fixed-wheel bicycle or fixed-gear bicycle.