Definition of fixed odds in English:

fixed odds

plural noun

  • Odds in betting (especially on soccer results) that are predetermined, as opposed to a pool system or a starting price.

    • ‘For the purposes of this section, bookmakers offering fixed odds on course betting must comply with the provisions of this Act relating to fixed odds betting with any necessary modifications.’
    • ‘The next stage of the interactive service will be launched in 2003, when more wagering options will become available, as well as fixed odds from several bookmakers.’
    • ‘It offers true odds instead of fixed odds.’
    • ‘The fixed odds betting machines are big money spinners for bookmakers in Britain, with margins of up to 3 per cent adding to the overall profitability of shops.’
    • ‘No, the real betting this time round won't be at fixed odds, but against a spread.’
    • ‘The principal attraction of spread betting over fixed odds gambling is the almost unlimited gains that can be made.’
    • ‘He added that prospects for the gaming industry remained good, boosted by the introduction of virtual betting machines, or fixed odds betting terminals offering games such as roulette.’
    • ‘The exchanges offer bettors popular options such as fixed odds and lower commissions on wagers.’
    • ‘The other players are paid according to their remaining stakes at the following fixed odds.’
    • ‘I am looking to get behind them this weekend, possibly on the fixed odds, since the spread firms may pitch them a bit too high.’
    • ‘Hill would have stuck to credit betting and fixed odds only for his friend Jack Swift persuading him to get on the bandwagon in the late sixties before it would be too late.’
    • ‘But these fixed odds bets don't really set the pulses racing.’
    • ‘The group is also expected to update the market on the roll-out and trading of its fixed odds betting terminals and business in its international operations.’
    • ‘Instead of spreads or fixed odds, it is the Asian preference for, and market in, ‘line betting’ - fixed-odds betting with a handicapping element - which makes cricket the perfect vehicle.’
    • ‘On the fixed odds, try and get 5/1 or better on the semis or final being decided on penalties, these are the games most likely to be drawn at 90 minutes.’
    • ‘More recently, the introduction of fixed odds betting terminals, offering additional games such as virtual roulette, have whetted the appetite of punters.’
    • ‘The number of fixed odds betting terminals across its stores increased from 1,745 to 2,525 during the first six months of 2003.’
    • ‘Traditional, or fixed odds, betting turnover increased from €7.7m to €8.1m.’
    • ‘The bullish forecasts are due to strong growth in the company's online business and a further roll-out of its fixed odds betting terminals - machines in betting shops that let punters play games such as electronic roulette.’
    • ‘It does not offer fixed odds but allows customers to make their own odds and search for individuals willing to take them on.’