Definition of five-star in English:



  • 1Having five stars in a grading system in which this denotes the highest standard.

    ‘a five-star restaurant’
    • ‘There is also plenty in the mid-range and in the five-star category.’
    • ‘All the five-star hotels are of a very good standard.’
    • ‘Cuba offers a reasonable range of hotels, though do not expect a five-star hotel to meet the standard you may be used to.’
    • ‘Nearby, a five-star hotel with casino is nearing completion.’
    • ‘Outings like these make an impression that lasts longer than the memory of the priciest five-star dinner.’
    • ‘Soon, Mel found herself a job as a waitress inside one five-star hotel's restaurant.’
    • ‘It's out with the old five-star rating system and in with the new 20-point version.’
    • ‘It's a fitting venue for a five-star hotel and one of the capital's best restaurants.’
    • ‘Spreading over two storeys and 6500 sq ft, it is the largest spa in any five-star hotel in the country.’
    • ‘Over the weekend not a room in any of the smarter hotels was to be had and five-star West End restaurants were fully booked.’
    • ‘This is mainly because people from the locality are showing great interest in working in the five-star development.’
    • ‘The site also has a five-star rating system that lets you see which funds are performing well and which are not.’
    • ‘Service is impeccable, as one would expect from a five-star hotel.’
    • ‘The price range is equal to the prices offered by restaurants in five-star hotels.’
    • ‘The hotel offers rooms of five-star quality at four or even three-star prices and is notably eager to please.’
    • ‘You'll find every amenity here, as befits a five-star hotel.’
    • ‘It has a five-star facility for private dining, corporate functions, business meetings and office parties.’
    • ‘She will stay in a five-star hotel in Brisbane, Queensland.’
    • ‘‘If we don't like it we can always jump in the van and head for the nearest five-star hotel,’ added Mary.’
    • ‘One suite of five-star hotel rooms is fairly much like another.’
    top quality, high quality, top grade, first class, second to none, top, five star, premier, premium, fine, grade a
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    1. 1.1 Having or denoting the highest military rank, distinguished in the US armed forces by five stars on the uniform.
      ‘a five-star general’
      • ‘Only a five-star general like Raines could have commanded such extravagant coverage as this.’
      • ‘Within four years he was a five-star general and supreme commander of Allied forces in Europe.’
      • ‘Why not take our Evening Press campaign to a five-star General face-to-face?’
      • ‘He accepted a five-star insignia but declined the option of wearing it.’