Definition of fitness in English:



  • 1The condition of being physically fit and healthy.

    ‘disease and lack of fitness are closely related’
    [as modifier] ‘a fitness test’
    • ‘The company provides advisers to help staff with money matters and health and fitness services.’
    • ‘The site features a variety of fitness and health tests.’
    • ‘Two other companies are expected to sign contracts to run a health and fitness club and a family restaurant later in the month.’
    • ‘Teachers want pupils to rediscover the art of skipping to encourage team play and to boost their health and fitness levels.’
    • ‘Five years ago Pilates was the buzz word on the health and fitness scene.’
    • ‘There is good news for all those health, fitness and sports conscious people.’
    • ‘Always a fit man, and proud of his physical fitness, he remained healthy and active into his early 90s.’
    • ‘He's aced parts of the army physical fitness test and was admired by his superiors for his work ethic.’
    • ‘Our fitness, strength and conditioning were pretty slack after the World Cup, but we've improved.’
    • ‘Organisers hope the project will make it easier for people to contact their GPs on health and fitness matters.’
    • ‘The aim of exercise is to achieve a beneficial level of fitness and health, physically and mentally.’
    • ‘Physical fitness and health is the main preoccupation of young women today.’
    • ‘Many of those who got high scores in written tests failed the physical fitness test, officials said.’
    • ‘All officers are required to meet exacting health and fitness standards before joining the service.’
    • ‘This programme will incorporate fitness skills with a healthy eating programme.’
    • ‘Questions were being asked about my health and fitness qualifications that I couldn't answer.’
    • ‘Not only is it a measure of their fitness condition but can even detect infection or illness.’
    • ‘I started my fitness and healthy nutrition regime to ease a medical condition.’
    • ‘The results in the last three matches clearly bring to surface the lack of physical fitness in the unit.’
    • ‘Very soon, Ronald will be appearing for his physical fitness test and is sure to score full marks.’
    health, strength, robustness, sturdiness, hardiness, vigour, lustiness, stalwartness
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    1. 1.1Biology An organism's ability to survive and reproduce in a particular environment.
      ‘if sharp teeth increase fitness, then genes causing teeth to be sharp will increase in frequency’
      • ‘We predict the relative fitnesses of hybrid genotypes by calculating the expected numbers of each type of incompatibility.’
      • ‘We assume that the relative fitnesses of these genotypes remain constant.’
      • ‘The differential fitnesses are weighted averages of phenotype fitnesses.’
      • ‘But more importantly, it demonstrated that cultural evolution cannot be predicted purely on the basis of genetic fitnesses.’
      • ‘We ignore environmental variation and deal directly with the fitnesses of genotypic values.’
      ability, proficiency, competence, capability, potential, capacity, facility, readiness
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  • 2The quality of being suitable to fulfil a particular role or task.

    ‘the medical board assessed his fitness for active service’
    • ‘Allegations that he abused his former wife call into question his fitness for the job.’
    • ‘Such a reference would include material relevant to any issue of his fitness for trial.’
    • ‘But fitness for the purpose of an implant means fit to be put and left in your body, does it not?’
    • ‘There is always an issue of fitness for purpose and general rights for a buyer of electrical goods.’
    • ‘Obviously the details of his family tree have no bearing on his fitness for office.’
    • ‘One of the most important factors in design has to be fitness for purpose.’
    • ‘A dispute arose as to the quality and fitness for purpose of the machines.’
    • ‘Of course, this led to some derogatory comments being made about our upbringing and fitness for mixed society.’
    • ‘Even then, there may be revelations of private conduct that cast doubts on a politician's fitness for office.’
    • ‘I suspect that this was supposed to be a savage attack on the prime minister's fitness for office.’
    • ‘Similarly, will the guarantee of fitness for a particular purpose be appropriate?’
    • ‘Spotting a leather armchair, he walks around it a few times, as if checking its fitness for the task ahead.’
    • ‘Do they not take responsibility for the efficiency or the practicability or the fitness for purpose of the design?’
    • ‘After one year, the men's fitness for military service will be subject to a final evaluation.’
    • ‘There's no legislative body that sets standards of safety and fitness for purpose on commercial software.’
    • ‘Knowing what we do about the way he behaves does change what many of us think about his fitness for office.’
    • ‘Finally, the EU is empowered with the last word on an applicant's fitness for membership.’
    • ‘To keep the pressure off, however, she won't go public with more detail until she is certain of her fitness for each.’
    suitability, capability, competence, competency, proficiency, ability, aptitude
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