Definition of fitfully in English:



  • Not regularly or continuously; intermittently:

    ‘he slept fitfully’
    • ‘I had thought earlier that I might be able to get to sleep, but after 2 hours of trying fitfully, I am giving in.’
    • ‘He is blessed as an autobiographer with an outstandingly strange and only fitfully happy childhood.’
    • ‘I had also been sleeping fitfully and dreaming about the race all night.’
    • ‘The engine didn't so much pull as tug fitfully at the wheels.’
    • ‘But they remain startlingly original, if only fitfully funny.’
    intermittently, sporadically, spasmodically, irregularly, patchily, discontinuously, erratically, by fits and starts, in fits and starts, in snatches
    variably, unevenly, disconnectedly, unsteadily, on and off, off and on
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