Definition of fit to bust in English:

fit to bust


  • With great energy.

    ‘they laughed fit to bust’
    • ‘The flower beds are brimming with rhododendrons, the birds are singing fit to bust.’
    • ‘Now, late in the evening, it's blowing fit to bust outside.’
    • ‘An hour later I woke from a vivid dream with my heart pounding away fit to bust.’
    • ‘I get a face full of sherbet, in my eyes and up my nose and I'm coughing fit to bust.’
    • ‘Everywhere you go there's someone coughing fit to bust and looking miserable, or cross, or plain old-fashioned resigned to their fate.’
    • ‘Already, his kitchen was full of brightly clad, bright-faced students talking fit to bust, helping themselves to coffee, and to stuff out of the pantry.’
    • ‘The brother she mentioned is laughing fit to bust.’
    • ‘Algernon laughed sufficiently for the two of them, wheezing and hee-hee-heeing fit to bust, having to support himself on Simpson's shoulder.’
    • ‘I looked on in disbelief and her mother walked in and started screaming fit to bust.’
    • ‘It might be that they have snow blizzards up in Scotland just now but down here we've got grass growing, buds budding, and, to my great delight, huge swathes of snowdrops, flowering fit to bust.’