Definition of fit to be tied in English:

fit to be tied


  • Very angry.

    ‘Daddy was fit to be tied when I separated from Hugh’
    • ‘When she learns from the doctor that she's not sick after all but sound as a dollar, she's fit to be tied.’
    • ‘We know that his family was fit to be tied with him during that time, and for good reason.’
    • ‘They clucked and fussed and were fit to be tied at the wanton waste they witnessed.’
    • ‘I listen to her set out her latest jargon-laden agenda for interfering in the lives and habits of British families, and after a few paragraphs I am afraid I am fit to be tied.’
    • ‘Those wee ones love the man and are fit to be tied when it's time for him to leave.’
    livid, furious, angry, infuriated, irate, fuming, raging, seething, incensed, enraged, angered, beside oneself, wrathful, ireful, maddened, cross, annoyed, irritated, exasperated, indignant
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