Definition of fit someone/something in (or into) in English:

fit someone/something in (or into)

phrasal verb

  • 1Find room or have sufficient space for someone or something.

    ‘can you fit any more water into the jug?’
    • ‘I have been focusing on fitting my things into the very limited space this apartment affords.’
    • ‘If your club/organisation is missing out on valuable publicity for vital fundraising events, we will always find space each week to fit you in.’
    • ‘Do you think that some people don't realise that there is a trade off, that okay if you don't want to have high-rise, you're going to have to take up more space to fit people in?’
    • ‘He only just fit his belongings into the room, cramming his clothes and most of his toys into the roll-out drawers and using the shelves for his books and stand-alone objects.’
    • ‘There is enough room to fit the power cable in there, but I think a bit more space would make it easier for people with large hands to connect and disconnect the cable.’
    • ‘He disappeared without payment when he had completed the extraordinary task of fitting a spiral staircase into a space deemed impossibly small.’
    • ‘And it could be the answer to the prayers of weekend shoppers who frequently struggle to fit their vehicles into precious spaces.’
    • ‘The space inside seems too small to fit the elaborate furniture in the room.’
    • ‘There was not enough room to fit people in and no access for the disabled.’
    • ‘I have, however, seen that people with slightly larger cars have experienced difficulty trying to fit their cars into the spaces.’
    1. 1.1 Succeed in finding time in a busy schedule to see someone or do something.
      ‘I could fit you in at 3.45 this afternoon’
      • ‘This enabled her to decide when she worked and to fit it in around her busy schedule, which included picking up the kids from school.’
      • ‘Added to the business of choosing a topic, I must also consider where I will fit the actual writing into my schedule.’
      • ‘I tried to eat well and exercised when I could fit it into my busy life.’
      • ‘How do you fit your workouts into such a busy schedule?’
      • ‘We've been looking to play this venue for ages, because it is such a good reputation, but either we were busy or they were busy and couldn't fit us in.’
      • ‘Johnny raised his eyebrows and shrugged, ‘I suppose I could fit you into my extremely busy schedule.’’
      • ‘Mr Simpson said on both occasions that he was unable to fit the openings into his busy calendar of events.’
      • ‘Just follow our 10 steps for fitting a new activity into an already busy lifestyle, and you'll be sure to achieve success.’
      • ‘I fitted my degree into a busy fire service life - it was a case of interrupted study for six years.’
      • ‘The organisers were hoping the champion runner would fit the event into her busy schedule.’