Definition of fit in in English:

fit in

phrasal verb

  • 1Be socially compatible with other members of a group.

    ‘he feels he should become tough to fit in with his friends’
    • ‘What if he realized how little she fitted in with those he loved?’
    • ‘Other issues included feelings of social isolation, with students saying they had difficulties fitting in because of a culture clash between university and their home life.’
    • ‘I never fitted in with the cool kids, and trying to do so was making me unhappy as a teenager.’
    • ‘She was confident of fitting in socially but, during her first term, the workload caused a few concerns.’
    • ‘Does your teen have trouble fitting in at school?’
    • ‘I never fitted in with the Catholic community of my home.’
    • ‘They may have poor social skills, have problems fitting in and probably cannot meet the expectations of their family or school.’
    • ‘Early on, his drinking was linked to loneliness and an inability to fit in socially with his fellow players.’
    • ‘On an endless search for what is needed to fit in and be socially acceptable, all sense of self is lost.’
    conform, be in harmony, belong, blend in
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    1. 1.1 Be in harmony with other elements in a situation.
      ‘her project fitted in with the organization's general aims’
      • ‘Helen Kidman, chairman of Ilkley Civic Society, said the guide was meant to inspire finer architecture that fitted in with the surrounding area.’
      • ‘Needless to say, the service was attentive, without being overbearing, and fitted in with the relaxed, classy atmosphere.’
      • ‘The drive to increase access to universities fits in with New Labour pronouncements on social inclusion and the ilk.’
      • ‘This fits in perfectly with the general social and economic policy of the SPD-Green government.’
      • ‘Throughout the meal we were treated to a varied array of music which fitted in with the friendly atmosphere of the pub.’
      • ‘He said the deals were ‘a good package’ and fitted in with their strategy of expanding on both sides of the Atlantic.’
      • ‘‘We picked up the project because it was a good idea and because it fitted in with our health agenda,’ said a spokesman.’
      • ‘It was none the less an amusing portrayal, which fitted in with the high spirits of the evening if not into the household.’
      • ‘People were satisfied and extremely elated with the overall results, as they fitted in with the concept of a truly national party, even on face value.’
      • ‘This fitted in with the free trade approach of the time.’
    2. 1.2 Constitute part of a situation or larger structure.
      ‘I don't think I fit into his plans for next season’
      • ‘Where did you see yourself fitting into all that?’
      • ‘She just wasn't fitting into his plan at all tonight.’
      • ‘What I hope is that the coaching staff and my team-mates think that I'm steadily getting better as a player and fitting into the team.’
      • ‘It certainly fits into my plans to really look at mammals to understand birds better.’
      • ‘He has not been hampered by timidity or uncertainty, fitting into the side with calm assurance and revealing the extent of his ability.’
      • ‘Where do you see broadband and videostreaming fitting into your plans?’
      • ‘They are training very hard and have acquired a number of new players this year that are fitting into the team very well.’
      • ‘He has been in tremendous form and is a fantastic talent who fits into Saints' future plans.’
      • ‘We don't have any children of our own yet but I don't see how any child of ours would fit into such a situation.’
      • ‘How do you see those alliances fitting into your long-term business plan?’