Definition of fist pump in English:

fist pump


  • A gesture of triumph or affirmation in which the forearm is raised with fist clenched, then swung downward toward the body in a vigorous pumping motion.

    ‘his 25-foot birdie was greeted with fist pumps and high fives’
    • ‘DiMarco won over the crowd with his fist pumps and resiliency.’
    • ‘He underlines this sentiment with a few fist pumps in the air.’
    • ‘To be sure, he did his part to test out the audio system, mixing celebratory calls with fist pumps and short outbursts of enthusiasm.’
    • ‘It's enough for even a completely and utterly objective food critic to allow herself a few fist pumps.’
    • ‘You can see that guy give a fist pump there in celebration before he takes off.’
    • ‘There he was, giving a silent fist pump of celebration after receiving the trophy for second place at the Pinewood Derby.’
    • ‘The president also said that he was very proud of him and that he gave him a fist pump after his briefing today.’
    • ‘There's no fist pumps or head hanging.’
    • ‘When Stewart's final putt went in, he gave it a full-throttle fist pump, then embraced a leaping Hicks.’
    • ‘The fist pump is back.’
    • ‘He had made a 15-foot birdie putt, getting within a stroke of the lead, and punctuated it with an emphatic fist pump.’
    • ‘In short, has the fist pump ruined the Ryder Cup?’
    • ‘I think people are talking tough on Tiger right now, but he'll be reeling them back into the bandwagon with the first fist pump.’
    • ‘As the crowd rose, he waved buoyantly, as if trying to acknowledge everyone he saw: a special fist pump for his former staff member; a salute in the direction of the Vice President-elect; a thumbs-up for his niece.’
    • ‘When I was younger I used to do a lot of fist pumps.’
    • ‘So I locked in and drove like a man possessed and when I got there in this torrential downpour there was a quiet fist pump and a celebratory pie eaten.’
    • ‘With the house lights turned on it was easy to see every fist pump and body thrust in the place.’
    • ‘He scarcely permitted himself the mild extravagance of a restrained fist pump, so determined was he to save all his emotional energy for the showdown with the Australians.’
    • ‘He instead gave a fist pump, went "whooo whooo", and drank some more beer.’
    • ‘The jaunty wee jump followed by a fist pump said it all: the 1995 US Open Championship was all but his.’


[no object]US
  • Swing one's clenched fist and raised forearm downward toward the body in a vigorous pumping motion as a gesture of triumph or affirmation.

    ‘‘Yes!’ Rachel yelped and fist-pumped from behind her laptop’
    with object ‘if that were the case, we'd be fist-pumping the air in delight’
    • ‘I hoot and holler and fist-pump.’
    • ‘Given time, and several pairs of trainers he will surely fist pump his way to a major trophy before long.’