Definition of fisheye in English:



  • 1A very wide-angle lens with a field of vision covering up to 180°, the scale being reduced towards the edges.

    • ‘There was everything from a professional 80-200 mm zoom to a 15 mm fisheye with built-in color filter wheel.’
    • ‘Camera two would employ a fisheye lens with a 170 degree view.’
    • ‘She was about to look through the fisheye when another knock tapped the door.’
    • ‘The documentary showcases cast interview clips shot in extreme closeup through a fisheye lens.’
    • ‘The use of a fisheye lens briefly creates a fishbowl world as the father balances his daughter on his shoulders as they walk along the railroad tracks.’
  • 2US informal A suspicious or unfriendly look.

    ‘Wally gave him the fisheye’
    • ‘The Boss passes over a page of paper and I give it the old fisheye.’
    • ‘Scott gave us both a fisheye.’
  • 3A defect in metal causing a spot to stand out brightly against its surroundings.