Definition of fish paste in English:

fish paste


mass noun
  • A savoury spread made with fish.

    ‘you'll get a lot of protein from tins of sardines or jars of fish paste’
    • ‘These are British commercially made meat and fish pastes sold in jars for spreading on bread.’
    • ‘Into each bowl place one piece each of mishi cake, spinach and fish paste.’
    • ‘The basic fish paste can also be used to make Chinese fish cakes and kamaboko (Japanese fish cake).’
    • ‘Appetizers, such as Thai fish paste and egg rolls, are all affordably priced.’
    • ‘Pollock is processed into inexpensive frozen fish filets and into surimi, a fish paste that was developed in Japan as long as a thousand years ago.’
    • ‘Add salt and continue beating for another 8–10 minutes until the fish paste firms up and looks shiny.’
    • ‘The pandan, a local aromatic plant, is usually knotted around chicken or fish paste and then deep-fried.’
    • ‘Bagoong is a fish paste from the Philippines.’
    • ‘You can form the fish paste into cakes, fry them in a little olive oil, and serve with aioli.’
    • ‘Those looking for a unique Cambodian taste can try one of several dishes made with prahoc, or fish paste.’