Definition of fiscal cliff in English:

fiscal cliff


  • A situation in which a particular set of financial factors cause or threaten sudden and severe economic decline.

    ‘the massive new spending programme threatens to send our nation over a fiscal cliff, leading to even higher taxes and fewer jobs’
    • ‘This afternoon, the President and Speaker Boehner met at the White House to discuss efforts to resolve the fiscal cliff.’
    • ‘Spending momentum should continue into 2013 - as long as the fiscal cliff is resolved in a way that avoids damaging the economy.’
    • ‘The uncertainty over the outcome of talks in Washington over the fiscal cliff has sapped the natural inclination to buy declining shares.’
    • ‘Republicans are willing to go over the fiscal cliff in a doomed effort to keep tax rates low for the highest income earners.’
    • ‘The "fiscal cliff" has been averted, thanks to a deal passed by Congress.’
    • ‘The outcomes of congressional races and the presidential contest could further complicate attempts to achieve a consensus on addressing the fiscal cliff.’
    • ‘Congress has returned from Thanksgiving break to tackle the looming fiscal cliff.’
    • ‘Many economists note the economy may be poised for a rebound, depending upon what happens with the so-called fiscal cliff.’
    • ‘The U.S. economy continued to add jobs in November despite worries about a looming fiscal cliff in Washington.’
    • ‘The fiscal cliff could mean cutbacks and layoffs in fields like medical research.’
    • ‘The same group last met more than a month ago and emerged expressing optimism they could strike a deal that avoided the fiscal cliff.’
    • ‘Worried about the approaching fiscal cliff and tax hikes, consumers spent less on gifts than in previous years and fewer bought gifts for themselves.’
    • ‘Farmers will feel the impact if lawmakers fail to reach a deal on the fiscal cliff.’
    • ‘The impending fiscal cliff dominates the postelection agenda.’
    • ‘If the House passes the bill, the across-the-board tax hikes and massive spending cuts that make up the fiscal cliff will not go into effect Tuesday as scheduled.’
    • ‘Until recently, investors were treating the "fiscal cliff" with a measure of nonchalance.’