Definition of first position in English:

first position


  • 1Ballet
    A posture in which the feet are placed turned outwards with the heels touching.

    • ‘Tory closed her eyes, bringing her feet together in a ballet first position, and cleared her mind.’
    • ‘She instantly brings the tips of her toes and her heels to touch in sort of a first position in the air.’
    • ‘After I stretched I stood again and straightened my back in perfect posture and held my arms in first position.’
    • ‘As one, they opened their feet to first position.’
    • ‘Stand in first position (legs together, feet forming a 45-degree V-shaped angle).’
    1. 1.1 A position of the arms in which both are held curved in front of the body at waist level, with the palms facing the body.
  • 2Music
    The position of the hand on the fingerboard of a stringed instrument furthest from the bridge.

    • ‘Toward the end of the book, the cello player needs to be able to play the forward extension in first position.’