Definition of first officer in English:

first officer


  • 1The first mate on a merchant ship.

    • ‘When he stepped out onto nighttime deck, he could see his first officer and a crewman standing in a circle talking with a group of crewmen from the Berlin, and he quickly made his way over to them.’
    • ‘His dad, Tom, now in his eighties, started off in the Navy as an able-bodied seaman, but worked his way up to become a first officer in the Admiralty.’
    • ‘In March 2001, the first officer of the cruise ship Caledonian Star saw a wave that chilled his soul.’
    • ‘A Marine Accident Investigation Branch report last week blamed the first officer of the German-registered ship for its sinking after he fell asleep at the controls and missed a vital change of course.’
    • ‘The ship's first officer was asleep on his hammock, clutching something close to his chest.’
    1. 1.1 The second in command to the captain on an aircraft.
      • ‘At age 60, a pilot couldn't be a captain or first officer.’
      • ‘The first officer, who had only 10 hours of flight time in the airplane, had donned his oxygen mask when the warning horn first sounded, maintained consciousness and was able to initiate an emergency descent.’
      • ‘Plans call for hiring three captains, two first officers and three flight attendants per aircraft.’
      • ‘The first officer did not challenge the captain's actions.’
      • ‘And it takes another eight years for first officers to become captains.’
      • ‘Later he worked for Pan Am as a first officer, flight engineer and navigator.’
      • ‘The sackings include 23 captains and 26 first officers, bringing the number of staff dismissed since the dispute last week to 52.’
      • ‘According to post-accident interviews, neither the captain nor the first officer of those two flight legs noticed anything unusual about the airplane.’
      • ‘The new jobs will include 11 cabin crew, six first officers and three engineers and the airline hopes to have the staff in place by the end of next month.’
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first officer