Definition of first off in English:

first off


North American
  • As a first point; firstly.

    ‘first off, I owe you a heck of an apology’
    • ‘Well, first off I would not recommend an over-the - counter eye drop as the preferred product.’
    • ‘Now, first off, just what makes these outlandish themes reflect reality?’
    • ‘Well, first off, we've got to talk about a couple of different things.’
    • ‘I think first off, somebody of the things that they're planning should be kept secret and private.’
    • ‘Give us a sense, first off, where these arms are primarily coming from.’
    • ‘They were dying to know what it was going to look like, first off.’
    • ‘Well, first off I'm going to suggest something rather radical: people need to take responsibility for their own sexual health.’
    • ‘Well, first off there are some pretty sophisticated statistical tricks you can do with the data to make it more reliable.’
    • ‘Well, first off, I think the prevailing theme here is it could have been a lot worse.’
    • ‘Well, first off, you went and bought the book which is a first step.’


first off

/ˈfəːst ˌɒf/