Definition of first light in English:

first light


  • The time when light first appears in the morning; dawn.

    ‘you are to set off at first light’
    • ‘By first light in Aberdeen, armies of street cleaners were sweeping up the detritus left by 60,000 revellers.’
    • ‘These would set out onto the road at the first light of dawn, in the hope of catching up to the Germans that were now traveling on foot.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for people who go to bed early, the best views are from midnight until the first light of dawn.’
    • ‘And our crews will be arriving either later this evening or first light tomorrow morning.’
    • ‘At first light, having slept hardly at all, Miss Mapp and Mr Smith made their way down the mountain.’
    • ‘The search continued late into the night and resumed at first light on Wednesday morning.’
    • ‘At first light yesterday a Sea King helicopter from RAF Lossiemouth was sent out to rescue the crew.’
    • ‘A helicopter with a surgeon on board was due to leave Dunedin at first light this morning, to provide further assistance.’
    • ‘At first light the next morning, Paul Buchel took off and headed south along the Wild Coast.’
    • ‘At first light, I walked out to the newsagent on the corner and bought a copy of the paper.’
    • ‘By first light, officers were dragging the quarry; at 5.30 am they recovered the small body.’
    • ‘From first light, York was decked out in red and white as people donned the Three Lions and waited expectantly for the match.’
    • ‘An unspecified Italian city, shot either at night or at the first light of dawn, is generally empty and in need of a coat of paint.’
    • ‘The search continued late into the night and resumed at first light the following morning in difficult weather conditions.’
    • ‘By first light on race day, the sky is clear, and it's already pushing 80 degrees.’
    • ‘According to the weather reports, my entire town will be covered in the stuff by the first light of dawn.’
    dawn, daybreak, break of day, crack of dawn, sunrise, first thing in the morning, early morning, cockcrow
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first light