Definition of first grade in English:

first grade


mass nounNorth American
  • 1The first year of formal education.

    ‘we had been friends since first grade’
    • ‘In first grade she sat next to me.’
    • ‘Her two older children are in sixth grade and first grade at the school.’
    • ‘He did first grade twice, my boy.’
    • ‘Here is an excerpt from a first grade reading book.’
    • ‘I knew I was different when I was in first grade.’
    • ‘Because Scout was in the first grade, she got out of school thirty minutes earlier than her brother.’
    • ‘We must provide services to children prior to entering kindergarten or first grade.’
    • ‘I actually flunked first grade twice because I didn't want to be at the graduation without my parents.’
    • ‘By the middle of first grade, I knew what I did and didn't like.’
    • ‘Virginia and Georgia had gotten along just fine until they reached the first grade.’
    • ‘They enrolled their child for first grade in August.’
    1. 1.1 The set of pupils grouped together for teaching in the first year of formal education.
      ‘every kid in the first grade will receive a card’
      • ‘My mum has my first grade class picture hanging in the hall.’
      • ‘My first grade teacher, Mrs. Williams, had each of us decorate our own little brown bag the week before the Big Day.’
      • ‘A first grade teacher had a small number of children gathered around a table for a reading group.’
      • ‘She taught first grade for the next 35 years.’
      • ‘On March 10th the first grade went to the Museum of Science and Industry!’
      • ‘First grade had a great time on their field trip to Ridge Ferry Park.’
      • ‘Most of the first grade had failed in recognizing the alphabet the year before.’
      • ‘I remember my first grade teacher clearly.’
      • ‘Last week the entire First Grade went to the Greensboro Children's Museum.’
      • ‘One approach I enjoy with my first grade is to incorporate literature into the art unit.’