Definition of first course in English:

first course


  • A small savoury dish forming the first of the successive parts of a meal.

    ‘the first course was either lobster soup or a mushroom salad’
    • ‘On average, first courses cost €10, main courses €15, desserts 12, a glass of wine €6.’
    • ‘To go with these first courses, Pascal had chosen an Australian Chardonnay.’
    • ‘The salads are perfect for a first course or light meal.’
    • ‘I hardly ever serve salad as a first course.’
    • ‘This will be great served as a first course, or as a side to duck or game.’
    • ‘For my first course I chose the mushrooms in pastry.’
    • ‘We were then served our first courses, along with cute little loaves of fresh pain au levain.’
    • ‘Lisa and I had some deep conversation while we waited for the first course.’
    • ‘The first course of goat cheese ravioli was rigorous and delightful in its pretty sauce, an intense parsley froth.’
    • ‘For a rejuvenating snack, light first course or even dessert, try this easy fruit compote.’
    • ‘The first course was fresh foie gras flown in from Paris that morning.’