Definition of First Australian in English:

First Australian


  • An Aboriginal person.

    ‘the prospect of the beliefs and practices of the First Australians dying out is unsettling’
    • ‘Having not long been granted the vote, the First Australians were still not counted in the national census.’
    • ‘That unity should be reflected in recognition in the first instance that acknowledges and honours us, the first Australians.’
    • ‘The notion of assimilation tainted our history of interaction with the First Australians as well as with our early immigrants.’
    • ‘It's speculation, of course, but perhaps the first Australians moved inland via the river systems of Queensland and southern Australia.’
    • ‘The current generations of First Australians are entitled to have their history acknowledged.’
    • ‘"We have the permanent stain of our treatment of the first Australians to be ashamed of."’
    • ‘They will remember the destruction of the Aboriginal culture by invaders and the continuing plight of the First Australians.’
    • ‘Aboriginal activists argued that the event ignored the first Australians who had fought and died to defend their land against invasion.’
    • ‘We have never fully made peace with the first Australians.’
    • ‘We need to acknowledge as a nation what European settlement has meant for the first Australians.’