Definition of first-hand in English:


adverb & adjective

  • (of information or experience) from the original source or personal experience; direct.

    [as adjective] ‘first-hand accounts of activities behind the enemy lines’
    [as adverb] ‘data which is obtained first-hand from customers’
    direct, immediate, personal, unmediated, hands-on, experiential, empirical, from the original source
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  • at first hand

    • Directly or from personal experience.

      ‘scientists observed the process at first hand’
      • ‘It is felt that the Mobile Farm is the answer as it allows children to experience farm animals at first hand.’
      • ‘Four Laois men will hope to see at first hand what people in Ethiopia experience in their daily struggle to survive.’
      • ‘They are the ones, after all, with most experience of nature at first hand, and their views deserve to be listened to.’
      • ‘He had experienced this at first hand, from his own brother.’
      • ‘I can recount endless examples that I have experienced at first hand.’
      directly, immediately, personally, at first hand, from the original source, with one's own ears, with one's own eyes
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