Definition of firing pin in English:

firing pin


  • The part of a firearm's mechanism that strikes the primer of a cartridge to ignite the charge and fire the weapon.

    ‘seven of my riflemen did not have firing pins’
    • ‘I store my ammo locked up separately from my weapons, I have trigger locks, and keep the bolts or firing pins out of my guns when stored.’
    • ‘When asked about his firing pin, he stated that the evening before the military parade his battalion leader verbally warned everyone to remove their firing pins and give them to their company leaders.’
    • ‘For the first time single action sixguns were safe to carry with six rounds as the firing pin does not come into contact with the primer of a loaded round.’
    • ‘The firing pin then transfers the energy to the primer.’
    • ‘They install a hammer spring that is so heavy it overcomes both problems by driving the hammer into the firing pin with such force that the ignition of the primer is assured.’
    • ‘A week later he discovered the firing pin on the shotgun had broken.’
    • ‘If the primer were indented from the base of the canister, the firing pin may not be able to properly strike the primer.’
    • ‘The firing pin was changed to strike a centrally located primer.’
    • ‘Somebody slick enough to bypass government regulations, isn't going to allow tracks back to themselves with serializing firing pins.’
    • ‘Seven of my riflemen did not have firing pins for their M - 1 rifles.’
    • ‘The edge of her ear was singed when the firing pin struck the primer and blew sparks out of the gap at the front of the cylinder.’
    • ‘This pushes the other end of the base pin against the hammer, preventing the firing pin from reaching the primer of a loaded cartridge.’
    • ‘That will make sure all the available energy from the firing pin strike compresses the primer mix between the cup and anvil.’
    • ‘Maybe there's no firing pin, maybe it's broken, or perhaps the mainspring is weak.’
    • ‘They are hard anodized to resist wear, and in place of a primer is an extremely tough material that cushions the firing pin and is said to be good for 3,000 impacts.’
    • ‘Its thickness positively prevents the hammer from striking the firing pin until this paddle is lowered by means of pressing the trigger.’
    • ‘These guns tend to jam up often, break firing pins and have ejector problems.’
    • ‘When a firing pin drops on a primer igniting the powder charge, the cartridge and cylinder move slightly forward.’
    • ‘The silver firing pin fell out and tumbled into the open desk drawer.’
    • ‘With the rod in the normal position, the hammer-mounted firing pin can reach through the frame and strike the cartridge.’