Definition of firing in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of setting fire to something.

    ‘the deliberate firing of 600 oil wells’
    • ‘The mysterious layers of ash in deep sea cores are suggestive of deliberate firing of the vegetation on the Australian mainland up to 150,000 years ago.’
    • ‘The damage constituted by the firing of oil wells reaches far into the future.’
    • ‘The firing of houses and outhouses, warehouses, barns, stables and hayricks, could all be the subject of arson prosecutions in the Old Bailey.’
    • ‘Point-source and strip firing were used to control intensity as described in the fire plan.’
    • ‘The pillage and firing of houses continued for several days, and a great quantity of furniture and objects of art were sent to Germany.’
    launch, launching, lift-off, take-off, ascent, flight
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  • 2The discharging of a gun or other weapon.

    ‘the prolonged firing caused heavy losses’
    count noun ‘no missile firings were planned’
    • ‘The assault commenced with the firing of Rocket Propelled Grenades followed by indiscriminate firing.’
    • ‘And ‘friendly fire’ was clearly invented to cover the embarrassment of firing on wrong people or targets.’
    • ‘Never try to shoot out an obstruction by loading another shell and firing!’
    • ‘An Armament Control System manages weapons selection and firing and monitors weapon status.’
    • ‘The Police ransacked the village, killed 20 persons in indiscriminate firing, and set fire to two busses.’
    • ‘There are no reports by any U.S. aircraft or any aircraft that we've been able to identify of any sighting of surface-to-air missile firings.’
    • ‘Although the gunners may have a restricted field of fire, the flash, smoke or dust from the weapon firing will not be seen from outside.’
    • ‘Bomb blasts, targeted killings, and indiscriminate firing at places of worship speak of the poison of hatred injected into the body of our society by extremist elements.’
    • ‘Gus let the gun spin down, its chain-circle already red hot from prolonged firing.’
    • ‘The principal weapon uses electronic firing to reduce reaction times.’
    • ‘Throughout the day, the sounds of firing and artillery can be heard.’
    • ‘The second phase will include the helicopter's first firing of live missiles and is anticipated to be completed by August.’
    • ‘The time required to prepare the weapon for firing is less than 30 seconds, with a reload time of less than 20 seconds.’
    • ‘Desultory firing continued for two days amid fog, smokescreens, and increasing confusion, before the operation was eventually abandoned.’
    • ‘Disabling firing hit the car in the right and front.’
    • ‘The exercise includes live firing of weapons by many force elements.’
    • ‘The submerged firing of the missiles can be conducted in a single salvo while the submarine is moving at a speed of 5 knots.’
    • ‘Both got killed as they were climbing the third story, in the indiscriminate firing resorted to by the holed up terrorists hiding behind the haystack on the third storey of the house.’
    • ‘The tests would include search and track scenarios, simulated and live missile firings, including day and night operations..’
    • ‘Several of the weapons also tested positive for recent firing, officials said.’
    gunshots, shots, shooting, sniping
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  • 3The baking or drying of pottery or bricks in a kiln.

    ‘the colours had suffered in the firing and were dull from overheating’
    • ‘After the initial firing, the students glazed the clay hands.’
    • ‘I then decided to fire in an electric kiln, followed by a second firing using briquettes as fuel.’
    • ‘Pottery, raku firing and photography will also be explored.’
    • ‘Following this initial firing, my students applied a clear glaze and I fired the dishes a final time.’
    • ‘Then I turn the kiln up in the morning and complete the firing slowly.’
    • ‘Dutch enthusiasm for the new material was particularly keen and by the seventeenth century, one kiln could produce over half a million bricks in a single firing.’
    • ‘I then did an underglaze firing after the painting was finished.’
    • ‘The company worked with brick manufacturers on firing processes that would achieve the right texture.’
    • ‘At the same time, potters developed luster glazes by adding metallic elements to the surface of the glazed piece before a second firing in the kiln.’
    • ‘Moisture makes the brick adaptable and impressionable, whereas the firing process dries the brick and sets it into a strong, structured, resistant object.’
    • ‘Campers can use polymer clay for sculpting on the final day of camp sessions when the projected schedule does not permit conventional firing of ordinary clay.’
  • 4The dismissal of an employee from a job.

    ‘the recent firing of the head of the department’
    count noun ‘a series of firings and resignations’
    • ‘Therefore, under the present arrangement, these boards have the power that, eventually, will include hiring and firing of employees.’
    • ‘He does the hiring and firing and that's why he doesn't get fired.’
    • ‘Their new policy regarding the lifestyle of their employees has led to the firing of seven employees who did not want to quit their smoking habit.’
    • ‘He had recently been fired, but was determined to fight his firing even though there was no possibility of his keeping his job.’
    • ‘We will shortly see calls for major resignations and firings at the Guild office.’
    • ‘The workers say their action is a sympathy strike to protest the firing of about 800 employees by U.S. airline catering company Gate Gourmet.’
    • ‘The Church did not confirm their firing because of ‘employee confidentiality.’’
    • ‘Strong political will, courage, determination, and if necessary firings and resignations are required to get the judicial system and the prosecution service into working order.’
    • ‘During his run, he experienced one firing, two resignations, two contract nonrenewals, and three layoffs.’
    • ‘Following a firing, they'll provide immediate counselling to an employee - whether that's offering a shoulder to cry on or a voice of reason.’
    • ‘The recent firing of the editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association for perceived political bias was disturbing.’
    • ‘The panel didn't recommend the firing of any CBS News employees.’
    • ‘The second-biggest computer maker, which has about 93,000 employees, said the firings will take place worldwide, with most occurring in early August.’
    • ‘The firing of the Travel Office employees had occurred in the early months of 1993.’
    • ‘The union did construct a back to work protocol to protect the returning employees from unlawful firings and possible discrimination.’
    • ‘The woman who had done the firing was fired in turn, and my workplace cooled down.’
    • ‘In waking life, of course, you were not part of the decisions about promotion and firing in your office, but still you feel guilty about getting ahead under such unhappy and unfair circumstances.’
    • ‘Each of us may well be one paycheque or more away from poverty because all it takes to be in that situation is a firing or layoff.’
    • ‘In contrast, it pointed out that an employee's formal firing always results from an official act of the company.’
    • ‘Since managers are fired, not traded, firing is simple.’
    redundancy, dismissal, discharge
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