Definition of firelighter in English:



  • A piece of flammable material used to help start a fire.

    • ‘Three years ago, firelighters were stuck to the gym doors and then set on fire, resulting in their replacement with metal doors’
    • ‘Use a domestic firelighter to get it started - don't use petrol or other flammable liquids.’
    • ‘Throw those filthy, stinking firelighters away.’
    • ‘I think there are some firelighters in the shed.’
    • ‘But during the 1940s and 50s the business grew to become a general store selling everything from sweets to string and from fountain pens to firelighters.’
    • ‘I felt so ill, I felt cold and dirty and all I could smell was the firelighters I'd crushed in my hands.’
    • ‘On looking out the top window they saw ignited firelighters under the two back wheels of their car but luckily got to them before any major damage was caused to the vehicle.’
    • ‘I'll be making trips to the shop for firelighters and boxes of briquettes to set ablaze.’
    • ‘The supermarkets have also agreed not to sell flour, firelighters or matches to anyone under 16 during the 10-day ban.’
    • ‘When his house was searched, the other items - the firelighters, that he had bought at Asda - were found and others were found under the driver's seat of his car.’
    • ‘The branches were deliberately broken off a five-year-old Chestnut tree and on a number of occassions fires have been lit on the roundabout using firelighters.’
    • ‘The firelighter pushed through their front door set fire to a curtain behind the door and the house quickly filled with smoke.’
    • ‘You knelt at the grate, laying sticks and firelighters and scrunched-up newspaper.’
    • ‘Good dry lump charcoal or quality briquettes only need small amounts of firelighter to start, and better still is rolled or crumpled newspaper lightly soaked in old, used kitchen frying oil (now that's what to do with it…).’