Definition of firefish in English:



  • 1A scorpionfish with venomous spines.

    Genera Pterois and Dendrochirus, family Scorpaenidae

    • ‘Firefishes have numerous small teeth that occur in clusters on the upper and lower jaws.’
    • ‘The firefish is feared by marine creatures and humans alike, due to its poisonous dorsal spines.’
    • ‘He might similarly be discommoded by firefish, I continued, which are easier to spot but no less hurtful.’
  • 2A pink- or red-coloured fish related to the wormfishes.

    Subfamily Ptereleotrinae, family Microdesmidae

    • ‘Exotic juvenile fish such as firefish can be found in Camp Cove each year, but they rarely make it through Sydney's chilly winter waters.’
    • ‘I was wondering if anyone has had any success with schools of fire fish.’
    • ‘The Firefish is one of the more popular fish in the marine hobby.’