Definition of firefinch in English:



  • A small African songbird of the waxbill family, the male of which has mainly pink or reddish plumage.

    Genus Lagonosticta, family Estrildidae: several species

    • ‘All my aviaries have compost heaps in them and the firefinches really seem to appreciate these, often spending large amounts of time picking them over.’
    • ‘Firefinches are best kept in an aviary even though it doesn't need to be large.’
    • ‘In addition to their seed diet, Firefinches are also eager to take small insects during breeding time.’
    • ‘None of the indigobirds associated with red-billed firefinch were closely related to individuals associated with brown firefinch, or vice versa.’
    • ‘The host species, various firefinches, started diverging from one another 7 million years ago.’