Definition of fire line in English:

fire line


North American
  • A firebreak in a forest.

    • ‘Firefighters are still trying to build a nine-mile fire line around the blaze.’
    • ‘This fire has jumped the fire line three times in three days.’
    • ‘During one of the most severe dry seasons in the reserve's history, when fires threatened nesting trees, the whole research team turned to creating fire lines.’
    • ‘All along Colorado's fire lines, a tight supply of resources has been a problem for the firefighting effort, so a new wave of reinforcements is welcome.’
    • ‘Everything inside the fire lines is reported as burned.’
    • ‘The fire certainly paid no heed to the efforts of men, jumping fire lines and resisting every effort to contain it until cooler weather and moisture helped shut it down.’
    • ‘They're building fire lines, they are clearing away the brush.’
    • ‘I carry a rake, patrolling one flank of the fire, making sure it doesn't jump a pre-dug fire line.’
    • ‘By June 23, the 452,000-acre fire had destroyed at least 423 homes and was about 35 percent contained by fire lines near Show Low.’


fire line